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Gender: Female

Network: BMS

Age: 48 years old

County: London

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in London, England

InRelationship, 48 yrs old in Wimbledon London | We get a room with a tub. I have new shoes to wear that you picked for me. You undress me, kissing me where the freshly revealed skin was covered leaving a trail of goosebumps. You make love to me before dressing me like your doll and take me dripping to get a drink downstairs just to make me walk around dripping... we get a little energy for the rest of the night sharing dinner. A little inebriated and a little flushed you take me back to the room, lifting my dress in the elevator and licking your fingers clean... The moment the door is locked you take my face in your hand, knowing I’ll turn into it... and you brush my hair from my face belt taking a bite into my neck.... you tell me to undress in front of you but leave the shoes... once I’m naked I hide my eyes and come to you, unbutton your pants leave your shirt as I look up to you on my knees... I get to be on top sliding the full length, mouth slightly agape before you roll me over just to make my eyes water... After, take me to the water and torture me while I’m on my back and kiss me as I arch a final time crying... then kiss me on the forehead and feed me before tucking me in so you can wake me up to slow sleepy sex...


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